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Brazilian Wax Near Me

Making a Brazilian Wax Near Me Hurt Less

If you are hoping to make a Brazilian wax near me hurt less, there are some things you do to help the process.


Skip the Coffee: The stimulants in the coffee can actually make your skin extra sensitive so either drink your coffee after the wax or switch to decaf the morning of the session.


Exfoliate Beforehand: Use a body scrub two days before your appointment to make sure that there isn’t any dead skin that can make it harder for the wax to attach to the hair.


Use Numbing Cream: You don’t want to use ice before a Brazilian wax near me since it closes your pores. Instead, you can use a numbing cream before your appointment to help with the pain.


Go After Your Period: Your pain threshold is higher right after your period ends so this is the best time to go.


Soak in a Warm Bath First: If you have time before your appointment, try soaking in a warm bath to soften hair and open pores.

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