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Brazilian Waxing Certification

Become Certified in Brazilian

Hair Waxing Removal with our Professional Waxing Classes

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Brazilian Waxing Course Registration

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This Waxing Certification Course will provide you hands-on intensive training with exclusive technique, confidence and knowledge taught by our Licensed and Professional Esthetician for full advantage of as you work your way through our process.


$750 for 1 day course. 
2 hours of Theory Class 
6 hours of Hands on training 
Bring 6 models for the hands on training 
All supplies and equipment are included 
Certificate of completion 
Lifetime support

Skills, topics and knowledge that will be covered during the Brazilian Waxing Certificate course include:

  • Build your confidence and skill to master Brazilian waxing including common terminology.

  • Safety and Sanitation Protocols before and after each Waxing Session

  • Learn advanced positioning and application techniques that will enable you to perform Brazilian Waxing.

  • How to prep skin before and after the Brazilian Waxing Treatment.

  • How to provide the correct aftercare advice for your clients.

  • How to recognize and deal with skin reactions (contra-actions).

  • Equipment and materials used in the treatment and hygiene, care and maintenance.

  • We will provide ongoing support if you have any questions or concerns after getting certified.

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