$50 Refill every 2 weeks

(1 Hour Lash Time)

$65 Every 3 Weeks

1 1/2 Hour Lash Time)

10% Off On Any Lash Products

Month to Month / No Contract



Get 10% Off On Your Next Service


If member misses their fill in and is on a break or travelling member can freeze the account and can get 50% Off On Full Set Eyelash Extensions.

After Care for Lash Extensions

1. Don’t use water on your lashes for 24 hours.

2. For couple days don’t steam your face.

3. Even though I don’t recommend wearing mascara on your lash extensions,because it can shorten the life of the lash extensions, however if you have to then use water based mascara and remove it carefully with water based eye makeup remover.

4. Same for eye makeup. If you have to wear eyeshadow or eyeliner. Only use water based liner and powder eyeshadow and make sure you remove it before going to bed.

5. After the 24 hours you can wash your lashes, I recommend just standing under the shower head and let the water run through your lashes then carefully pat it dry, don’t rub.

6. Don’t pull on your lashes. Let it natural fall out.

7. When using your face cream and oils please be careful not to touch your lashes. Creams and oils are the eyelash bonding agents worst enemy.

Classic Lash

$ 150

Classic Mink

$ 200

Lash Removal

$ 35

Collagen Eye Patch

$ 5


Classic Lash

(2-3 weeks)

$ 65

Classic Mink

(2-3 weeks)

$ 75


Lash Lifting

$ 55

Eyelash Tinting

$ 35

Eyebrow Tinting

$ 25

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