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Full Body Wax Near Me

Expert Tips before a Full Body Wax Near Me

When in search of the best waxing places near me, there are some tips you should follow.


Do a Test: Before you get a full body wax near me, you want to make sure your skin can handle the waxing. Do an allergy patch test beforehand and make sure there is no irritation.


Tell Your Waxer Everything: Once you have discovered that waxing can be an effective method, you need to tell your waxer everything. Even waxers at the best waxing places near me won’t be able to read your mind about any skin sensitivities or allergies. This information can help your esthetician choose the right wax for your skin type and make it a better process for you. Also, be sure to discuss any topical creams you are using.


Prep Your Skin before You Go: You should go to your wax appointment with exfoliated skin in order to get the best results. When you exfoliate, it gets rid of all the dead skin cells. You shouldn’t shave before you wax since the hair needs to be a certain length in order for the wax to be effective.


Tips to Make It Hurt Less: Avoid any caffeine, alcohol, or exercise beforehand. When you exercise before a wax, it increases the circulation of the blood, which makes it more painful. If you want to take a pain reliever, try Aleve or Advil, but don’t take aspirin since this also increases blood flow.


Follow Proper Aftercare: Caring for your skin after waxing is just as important as the prep. You will likely wait about six weeks before your next wax, which makes it important to take care of your skin between appointments. Keep your skin exfoliated and use a daily serum for ingrown hairs. Also, be sure to keep skin moisturized. This helps eliminate the discomfort and tearing during the next full body wax near me appointment.

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