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Male Intimate Waxing Near Me

What to Expect with Male Intimate Waxing Near Me

Before you go the waxing studio for male intimate waxing near me, you will need to do some prep work. Be sure you are freshly showered and dry. Skip the lotion since you won't be doing yourself any favors with slippery skin. It sounds contrary but you need at least 1/4 inch of hair to ensure the wax has enough space to grab hold.

Before male intimate waxing near me, be sure to wear comfortable clothing. You want to wear loose clothing so it doesn’t exacerbate the itching, burning, or irritation. During the session, you want to be as relaxed as possible.

Once you meet at the salon for a male intimate waxing near me, your skin will be prepped using an anti bacterial solution. You will likely be naked but some give you the option to wear a disposable thong. The technician may measure the hair to make sure it’s long enough for a wax. If you do want some hair left over then explain your vision to your technician so she has an idea of what work will be done. The technician then dips a wooden stick into the hot waxes and applies the wax in a thin layer. It settles into place and then the technician uses one of two methods. Either the technician will apply wax that hardens a bit after applied and then gets pulled directly off the skin, or she'll use a piece of paper-like material that will then be removed from the skin with the wax. The technician pulls the surrounding skin taut in order to get the best results and the tech may give you a countdown or just pull the wax when you are least expecting it.

For aftercare, it’s best not to ride a bike for a day or two and to stay away from tight clothing. You may be uncomfortable for a bit afterward while the skin is healing.

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