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30 mins. session is all you need to get whiter teeth!

What is LED Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening works by applying a whitening agent to the teeth, including Hydrogen Peroxide, Bicarbonate Soda and Carbamide Peroxide. To activate the whitening agent, sometimes a blue light is shone onto the teeth to speed up the whitening process. 

What’s the importance of white teeth?

People with brighter smiles often leave a good lasting first impression, thus making them more noticeable during college interviews and eventually in job interviews as they progress in life. A set of whiter teeth also helps you attract a potential love interest and a life partner later in life.

Why aren’t your teeth white anymore?

There are other factors that affect the color of your teeth. Foods and beverages with high sugar and acidic content and staining properties such as tannins and polyphenols can discolor teeth with frequent use. Bad habits such as smoking and chewing tobacco can also stain your teeth.


One (1) 3o mins. session

Two (2) 3o mins. session

Three (3) 3o mins. session

$ 80

$ 150

$ 220

Our Products:


We have revolutionized the teeth whitening industry. We use a state-of-the-art technology that is safe, innovative and affordable. We use a blue light emission LED light, which is calibrated at the perfect wavelength to activate our unique whitening gel. Our gel and light combination accelerate the whitening process so that a single and effective treatment only takes 15 minutes. Our special LED mouthpiece/lens has been designed for comfort and precision for the perfect smile. This process has been proven safe for tooth enamel and your gums. The light intensifies and releases the stains from the tooth structure with no side effects. Our focused spectrum light is positioned to apply its energy just outside the clear patented mouthpiece to whiten both your top and bottom rows of teeth.

Gel Trays:

Our patented gel trays form to the body of the teeth, eliminating the need for expensive custom made trays. Our gel trays are saturated with neutral PH peroxide gel which is specially engineered to respond to the wavelength setting from our LED light. SAFETY was the utmost goal while creating this gel and it has truly revolutionized the art of the teeth whitening.

How Our Process Works:

The perfectly placed gel trays create a squeezing effect and force our gel into and around the entire tooth structure. The LED light heats up and speeds up the particles in the gel to intensify and accelerate the process. The longer these combinations are exposed, the whiter the teeth will become. Of course, the process will only whiten your teeth to their natural potential.

-Due to the nature of this endeavor, this process is considered a cosmetic procedure.

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