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What is Intimate Bleaching?

Discoloration of skin in your intimate areas which includes the anus, vagina, inner thighs and underarm area is more common than you think. You may not hear about this topic being discussed over a cup of coffee, but that does not mean that you are the only one with this dilemma on your mind. While this service was made popular by movies like Sex and the City, Bridesmaids or in the Adult Film industry, recently it has become very popular among the rest of the population.

Intimate bleaching has become very popular recently right along with Brazilian waxing. Darker pigmentation of the skin around these areas became more noticeable now that people were paying more attention to the areas they are having waxed. This discoloration has caused many males and females alike to feel self-conscious about their appearance, it can also make them feel uncomfortable with their partners or spouses and some are prepared to go to any lengths to have this corrected.

Now that more people are becoming in touch with their skin beauty; they want to make their intimate moments more enjoyable instead of feeling uncomfortable and sometimes very embarrassed due to discoloration around their intimate areas.

We recommend the following procedures to provide you the best results for Intimate Bleaching:

  • Visit a licensed skin care professional at Intimate Waxing and Spa in East Orlando, where they specialize in Intimate Bleaching and Brazilian Waxing all you have to do is express your desired results and let the professional handle the skin lightening for you. Please note that to reach your desired results it will require more than one treatment, so plan ahead with our package discounts.

  • For better results, Intimate Waxing and Spa highly recommends that you purchase the home care kit including products like bleaching cream and bleaching serum for daily use and maintenance.

For effective bleaching of your intimate areas, it is advised that you abide by the following tips.

  • Make sure the area to be lightened is clean and dry, then rub in the lightening cream until it is absorbed.

  • Discontinue the cream if the area is irritated or inflamed.

  • Take precaution and ensure the products you are using do not contain any dangerous ingredients such as Hydroquinone.

  • Use fragrance-free wet wipes after visiting the bathroom to avoid the area getting dry and irritated. This also prevents the area from further darkening.

Visit Intimate Waxing and Spa where we specialize in Brazilian Waxing and Intimate Bleaching and let the professionals handle and monitor the bleaching process for you.

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