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Why getting a facial regularly will save you more money in the long run?

What is a facial?

A facial is done by a licensed aesthetician who will thoroughly cleanse the face and decollete, look into a mag lamp or woods lamp to analyze your skin. They use specific products that are best for

your skin type, needs and goals. Exfoliation is part of the process as well, and this is one thing that we should let the professionals handle for us. Exfoliants can be too harsh especially if it’s

something that is not meant to be used for your skin type; sometimes using over the counter

products like scrubs and exfoliants can do more damage to your skin if not used properly. After

exfoliating the skin, the expert will use a mask, moisturizer, do a facial massage and end it with

the right SPF.

So, how does getting a facial regularly save you money in the long run? My answer is that we live in a world where a staggering amount of pollution, processed food, dirt, dead skin cells, etc. all accumulates on the face and we cant really do anything about it. Yes, we can get products, clean your face and do your regular beauty regime everyday but this isn't enough.

Going to an aesthethician to deep cleanse your face and use the right products to achieve your goals is very important. We see it like, when you go to your dentist for deep cleaning. Yes, we do

brush our teeth, floss, use mouthwash and so on, but we still go to the dentist for a deep cleaning

to make those pearly whites shine brighter. Book a facial to get that deep clean shine we love for your skin as well!

Aesthethicans are the experts that will deep clean your face that your products at home cannot do.It is also a good idea to let them guide you towards the right products which will save you a lot of money down the road. Products that you will get at your favorite spa are cosmeceuticals, which means that the active ingredients in these products are much more concentrated than the regular products over the counter. You will likely have to buy 2 or 3 products to get the same result in 1 product that your aesthetician will recommend for you to use.

Nowadays, people think that if the products are advertised in these fancy magazines and endorsedby celebrities that claim to use them, then these must be the products that we should be getting and will do magic to our skin just like these people in the magazines. Don’t get me wrong, these products might be very good for some people but is this the right product for you and is it helping

you reach all of your goals?

Another reason why getting a facial will save you more money in a long run is that getting a facial helps us age gracefully. Maintaining and enhancing your beauty regime to have youthful and

healthy skin is necessary to avoid pricey surgeries in the future. Plus, getting a facial is very

relaxing; in the very fast paced, busy environment we live in today, we need a little get away that

will make us look younger, feel better and more confident in your own natural skin.

Book your appointment at Intimate Waxing and Spa and let the professionals take care of your beauty regime. You will not regret this decision.

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